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Mobile First!

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When designing a new web site, the traditional approach has been to come up with an overall site design first and then scale it down to a mobile size, either by using a "responsive" design that arranges content based on the browser size, or by creating a sub-site, hopefully driven by a separate template so you can re-use major content pieces.

First Impressions

Since more and more of your customers are using their mobile phones as their primary web browsing platforms, there is a good chance that they will see your mobile site first and the desktop version only if you grab their attention and they go back for a second look when they are back at their desk. If you skimped on the mobile design (or have not gotten to it yet) users may get a bad first impression of your company kamagra en france.

Simple is Better

The other big advantage of a mobile site design is that it forces you to focus on what is the most important part of your message - there simply is no room for extraneous design elements so you have to refine your message to the bare essentials.

Mobile is Powerful

Once you get over the lack of real estate, Mobile devices have capabilities simply not available on desktop computers, user location information from GPS, multi-touch input and gestures all offer a whole new palette of capabilities which you can use to create great user experiences that make you stand out from the pack!