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Delivering Quality

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With the rise of mobile devices and the wealth of Apps that are available for them, it is no longer enough to simply ensure that your app delivers the defined requirements, now it has to deliver the same high quality user experience that users have come to expect in successful mobile applications. A development team doen't just have to test an applications, they need to ensure that the application looks good and is easy to use - all while fulfilling the core application's requirements.

Keep it Simple
The best way to manage these new expectations is to insist on a simple user interface and limit new functionality to the bare minimum for any release of an app. if Google has taught us anything, it's that simple is better and intuitive UI's are the rule, not a nice to have feature helpful resources. We can see this principle in the recent redesign of Windows operating system - I think they missed the boat on intuitive design but they certainly understand the "Keep it Simple" concept.

Keep it Fresh
These days, an application's life cycles is measured in days not months, a release shouldn't just be about adding new features but also removing ones that are not worth the complexity they add. Make your design goal the search for the simplest way to satisfy the app's requirements and you will be on your way to delivering quality!