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How to define your dream mobile app strategy

I was going to write an blog post about the process of defining and developing a mobile app but in researching this article, I found this series that does a great job of laying out all the current issues:

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Mobile First!

When designing a new web site, the traditional approach has been to come up with an overall site design first and then scale it down to a mobile size, either by using a "responsive" design that arranges content based on the browser size, or by creating a sub-site, hopefully driven by a separate template so you can re-use major content pieces.

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Delivering Quality


With the rise of mobile devices and the wealth of Apps that are available for them, it is no longer enough to simply ensure that your app delivers the defined requirements, now it has to deliver the same high quality user experience that users have come to expect in successful mobile applications. A development team doen't just have to test an applications, they need to ensure that the application looks good and is easy to use - all while fulfilling the core application's requirements.

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Plan, Collaborate and Deliver!

Lets face it, it's hard to describe what you want but it's easy to tell when something is wrong. Seeing what doesn't work can refine your vision of what you DO want. That in a nutshell, is the philosophy behind Iterative software development. The goal is to create a plan to address your goals and get a working model in everyone's hands as quickly as possible. It doesn't have to be complicated - start with a back of the napkin design, maybe rough-out the User Interface with a tool like mockflow. And most important of all don't forget to describe what you want to end up with; copies of reports, orders or pieces of information that you are gathering are critical when planning HOW to gather, store and utilize that data.

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Use QR Codes to connect with customers

Brian Caufield

You have probably noticed those strange blocky images on packages and in magazines and wondered what are they supposed to do, well they are next generation bar codes that lets you to pack many times more data into an image. This information can be used to direct potential customers to a web site or a mobile application. They can also be used to communicate marketing information and lead the user to special offers.

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